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1 Nephi 7

Hey, so I haven’t written on this blog in an extremely long time. Sorry, I have been busy with college and honestly forgot that I even had this blog. However for one of my classes here at BYU-Idaho, one of my weekly assignments is to write on a blog. So here go nothing. This is from the first book of the Book of Mormon. The Book of Mormon follows Lehi and his three sons, Nephi, Laman, and Lemuel, and their descendants. Nephi was definitely the good kid. Lehi was a prophet of God, (like Noah, Adam, Abraham, etc.) and Nephi was following the footsteps of his father and followed the commandments of God, however, Nephi’s brothers, Laman and Lemuel, did not follow God’s commandments, as a matter of fact, they often rebelled against their father and God. And sometimes they would get back on the correct path, like after an angel rebuked them, but after a while they would go back to being rebellious. I have never figured out why they continuously fought against the truth of the gospel. In 1 Nephi chapter 7 verses 10-12 Nephi asks his brothers three questions that all start with the same phrase, “How have ye forgotten?” This makes sense why they always rebel after time has passed, they simply forgot. Now, I’m not sure how someone can forget and angel visiting them, but hey, to each their own. Anyway, that was my immediate thought, “How can you forget all that you were blessed with?” But then I asked myself, “What have I forgotten that I’ve been blessed with?” I have a roof over my head, my family, my friends, food, I go to an amazing school and get to learn new things every day, and most importantly, I have a Heavenly Father, who loves me. While I have never necessarily forgotten these things, I definitely got so used to having these things that I don’t even think about how lucky am I to have these things. So as a challenge to you all, take five minutes, and make a list of the things that you’re grateful for having. If y’all want, write your list in the comments!

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I am a Mormon, I know it, I live it, I Love it

i am a mormon

Hiya, I’m Lydia and I’m a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. This blog will kind of give you a glimpse into the church.

This picture is a quote from Sister Ann M. Dibb the second counselor in the young women’s general presidency. In this talk, she breaks down the phrase, I am a Mormon, I know it, I live it, I love it. The first statement is I am a Mormon. She goes on to describe the confidence in this, and that we should not be ashamed to show to the world that we are Mormon and we are proud of it. The second phrase is I know it, she explains that there are many things in the world trying to pull us away from God and that we need to focus on God and His teachings and not on the world around us. The third phrase is I live it, she tells us that we need to not only know it, but we need to live it. We need to have faith in God and when he tells us to do something, we will do it whether it is something we want to do or not. The last statement is, I love it. We learn to love the the gospel and Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ through the witness of the Holy Ghost. As we grow in the gospel, we see the hand of God in our life and we begin to realize the everlasting love and forgiveness that he has for us.

If y’all want to read the talk this is the link: